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Welcome to the Aquapreneur.com website, a focal point for all those interested in the commercial potential of marine biotechnology.

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Aquapreneur® was first coined by Strategro International LLC’s founder Steve Dillingham, to represent the consulting company’s practice in marine biotechnology. However, the Aquapreneur® movement has since grown and now represents the common theme for a large, global network of like-minded Aquapreneur® members active in the commercialization of marine biotechnology,  marine-related technologies, seafood/marine byproducts, and marine ingredients across a broad spectrum of industries, including Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Life Science, Alternative Energy, and Industrial.

This site is designed for users to find help, tools and resources necessary to succeed in this industry, as well as gain easy access to breaking and archival news on commercial developments, R&D breakthroughs, and important company milestones related to marine biotechnology,  marine-derived products and ingredients.


Please contact us if you are looking for commercial partners, go-to-market assistance, in/out licensing opportunities, and funding needs / investment opportunities within this area. We can help.