In / Out Licensing Opportunities

Aquapreneur® Technology Exchange

The Aquapreneur® Technology Exchange platform provides our clients with an industry-focused channel for technology transfer and in/out licensing opportunities.

Companies turn to Aquapreneur® to help them monetize unused or underutilized technologies in this field, or to help identify and secure specific technologies or products to complement their current offering or in-house capabilities. Our technology exchange team and network is comprised of international professionals with backgrounds and skill-set covering a broad array of technical disciplines within the fields of marine biotechnology, marine products and ingredients, health and wellness, human and animal nutrition, drug development, aquaculture, specialty chemical, and alternative energy.

Based on our broad international reach and network, and expertise in international marketing, licensing, finance, and business development, Aquapreneur® has become the default platform and marketplace for clients seek opportunities to in/out license their marine biotech-related products and technologies.

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