Microalgae Industry Internet Directory Launched

Through genetic engineering many companies and scientists are trying to develop transgenic micro algae for the commercial use. Thus the content of oil or the yield of carotenoids and dyes should be enhanced as well as the production of proteins through micro algae should be facilitated

Furthermore, the biotechnology of micro algae is developing a solution to use micro algae for the commercial production of biodiesel in an industrial scale. At this point, it exists an interface between genetic modifications of micro algae, because the directed production of suitable long-chain hydrocarbons in micro algae could lead to higher yields for the production of bio diesel.

Based on a recent internet search, Prof. Dr. Gerd Kloeck / Professor of Bioprocess Engineering / Hochschule Bremen – Bremen, Germany, presents a list of algae producers and companies currently developing production technology. This list doesn’t claim to be complete yet. It is, however, the most comprehensive web directory of this industry publicly available.

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