Enzymicals AG and the Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V. establish cooperation

Enzymicals AG, an emerging company in the field of industrial (white) biotechnology, and the Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V. (IMaB), an association in the area of marine (blue) biotechnology, have signed a comprehensive agreement to cooperate in the future. The two institutions, both located in Greifswald, Germany, combine their competencies in the commercialization of alternative expression systems and functional genome analysisfor the production of fine chemicals. The signed contract includes the joint use of innovative technologies for the identification and production of novel enzymes from aquatic sources, among others. Dormant potentials of marine habitats for biotransformations can be deciphered and brought into market by the focused application of proteomics-based biotechnology, says Prof. Dr. Thomas Schweder of the IMaB. Together with Enzymicals AG, we can offer our expertise in the field of de novo genome sequencing and gene annotation to a wide audience as a service.

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