New Fish Sausage Product from Frutarom

Frutarom Savory Solutions GmbH has developed a compound for sausage from fish which neatly links the popular consumer trends for snacking and following a healthy diet. The fish version is considerably lower in fat than conventional sausage from pork or beef and contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids. Selected natural ingredients ensure that the end product has a pleasant spiciness and texture.

With this compound, Frutarom Savory Solutions has developed a product that allows manufacturers to present fish in a new form. It is available in several varieties containing different seasonings, and only has to be mixed with minced fish, oil, ice and salt to form a homogeneous mass which is then processed into sausage. Manufacturing is quite simple, but requires a cutter and a sausage filler. In addition to the compound, Frutarom Savory Solutions is offering a recipe and a curry sauce which enables the sausage to be presented in the style of the popular German “Currywurst” snack.

The fish sausage compound has high temperature- and freeze-thaw stability and is thus particularly suitable for manufacturers of convenience, restaurant chain and canteen meals. The innovative product also enables catering companies and producers of delicacies to extend their fish portfolio.

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