Seaweed fiber and weight loss

A study conducted by researchers at the University Research & Development in Vlaardingen, Netherlands, has revealed that seaweed reduces the appetite and makes one slim. According to the study, adding seaweed extract alginate to a chocolate milkshake reduces hunger among people by nearly 30 per cent. The details of the study have been published in the journal Obesity.

The researchers, for the study recruited a group of 23 healthy volunteers. These volunteers consumed drink containing various levels of alginate in place of a meal. They reported that their levels of hunger reduced and over the next five hours they felt fullness. Moreover, the alginate didn’t alter the flavor of the shake. The participants said that it was just as pleasant as the real thing.

According to the researchers, alginate turns into a gel in the acidic environment of the stomach, and the calcium adds to the gel’s thickness which creates a feeling of fullness, as well as holds food in the stomach for longer.

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