Biotec Pharmacon subsidiary awarded NOK 5 million research grant

ArcticZymes AS, a subsidiary company of Biotec Pharmacon ASA, has received a grant of NOK 5 million from the The Research Council of Norway, for a project titled “Functionalization of enzymes from marine bioprospecting”. The total project budget is NOK approx. 10 million over 3 years.

The project is a user driven innovation project which aims to accelerate the commercialization of new functionalized enzyme solutions in the Bioprospecting program under The Research Council’s Biotek2021 initiative.

ArcticZymes’ enzyme portfolio is expanding quickly, primarily due to the progress of strategic partnerships with MabCent, MARZymes and others, and results from the ongoing InnoZymes project which received funding from The Research Council’s Functional Genomics in Norway (FUGE) program in April 2011

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