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Mar. Drugs, Volume 11, Issue 3 (March 2013), Pages Pages 581-974


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Ophelia Han
Editorial: Marine Drugs Best Paper Award 2013
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 581-583; doi:10.3390/md11030581

Marco Pelin, Sabrina Boscolo, Mark Poli, Silvio Sosa, Aurelia Tubaro and Chiara Florio
Article: Characterization of Palytoxin Binding to HaCaT Cells Using a Monoclonal Anti-Palytoxin Antibody
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 584-598; doi:10.3390/md11030584

Jean-Baptiste Gallé, Barthélémy Attioua, Marcel Kaiser, Anne-Marie Rusig, Annelise Lobstein and Catherine Vonthron-Sénécheau
Article: Eleganolone, a Diterpene from the French Marine Alga Bifurcaria bifurcata Inhibits Growth of the Human Pathogens Trypanosoma brucei and Plasmodium falciparum
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 599-610; doi:10.3390/md11030599

Soohyun Um, Yuna Pyee, Eun-Hee Kim, Sang Lee, Jongheon Shin and Dong-Chan Oh
Article: Thalassospiramide G, a New γ-Amino-Acid-Bearing Peptide from the Marine BacteriumThalassospira sp.
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 611-622; doi:10.3390/md11030611

Gerrit Gerwig, Henry Hocking, Reto Stöcklin, Johannis Kamerling and Rolf Boelens
Review: Glycosylation of Conotoxins
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 623-642; doi:10.3390/md11030623

Anna Carbone, Barbara Parrino, Paola Barraja, Virginia Spanò, Girolamo Cirrincione, Patrizia Diana, Armin Maier, Gerhard Kelter and Heinz-Herbert Fiebig
Article: Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of 2,5-bis(3′-Indolyl)pyrroles, Analogues of the Marine Alkaloid Nortopsentin
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 643-654; doi:10.3390/md11030643

Diego Orts, Steve Peigneur, Bruno Madio, Juliana Cassoli, Gabriela Montandon, Adriano Pimenta, José Bicudo, José Freitas, André Zaharenko and Jan Tytgat
Article: Biochemical and Electrophysiological Characterization of Two Sea Anemone Type 1 Potassium Toxins from a Geographically Distant Population of Bunodosoma caissarum
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 655-679; doi:10.3390/md11030655

Heidi Hannon and William Atchison
Review: Omega-Conotoxins as Experimental Tools and Therapeutics in Pain Management
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 680-699; doi:10.3390/md11030680

Zhi-Qiang Xiong, Jian-Feng Wang, Yu-You Hao and Yong Wang
Review: Recent Advances in the Discovery and Development of Marine Microbial Natural Products
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 700-717; doi:10.3390/md11030700

Xiaohong Wang, Heinz Schröder, Qingling Feng, Florian Draenert and Werner Müller
Review: The Deep-Sea Natural Products, Biogenic Polyphosphate (Bio-PolyP) and Biogenic Silica (Bio-Silica), as Biomimetic Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering: Fabrication of a Morphogenetically-Active Polymer
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 718-746; doi:10.3390/md11030718

José Vázquez, Isabel Rodríguez-Amado, María Montemayor, Javier Fraguas, María González and Miguel Murado
Review: Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid and Chitin/Chitosan Production Using Marine Waste Sources: Characteristics, Applications and Eco-Friendly Processes: A Review
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 747-774; doi:10.3390/md11030747

Zenglei Wang, Hua Tang, Pan Wang, Wei Gong, Mei Xue, Hongwei Zhang, Taofang Liu, Baoshu Liu, Yanghua Yi and Wen Zhang
Article: Bioactive Polyoxygenated Steroids from the South China Sea Soft Coral, Sarcophyton sp.
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 775-787; doi:10.3390/md11030775

Chi-Jen Tai, Jui-Hsin Su, Chiung-Yao Huang, Ming-Shyan Huang, Zhi-Hong Wen, Chang-Feng Dai and Jyh-Horng Sheu
Article: Cytotoxic and Anti-Inflammatory Eunicellin-Based Diterpenoids from the Soft Coral Cladiella krempfi
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 788-799; doi:10.3390/md11030788

Nils Jansen, Birgit Ohlendorf, Arlette Erhard, Torsten Bruhn, Gerhard Bringmann and Johannes Imhoff
Article: Helicusin E, Isochromophilone X and Isochromophilone XI: New Chloroazaphilones Produced by the Fungus Bartalinia robillardoides Strain LF550
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 800-816; doi:10.3390/md11030800

Ganjun Yuan, Kui Hong, Haipeng Lin, Zhigang She and Jia Li
Article: New Azalomycin F Analogs from Mangrove Streptomyces sp. 211726 with Activity against Microbes and Cancer Cells
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 817-829; doi:10.3390/md11030817

Victoria Suárez-Ulloa, Juan Fernández-Tajes, Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, Ciro Rivera-Casas, Rodrigo González-Romero, Juan Ausio, Josefina Méndez, Julián Dorado and José Eirín-López
Article: The CHROMEVALOA Database: A Resource for the Evaluation of Okadaic Acid Contamination in the Marine Environment Based on the Chromatin-Associated Transcriptome of the Mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 830-841; doi:10.3390/md11030830

Xiuli Xu, Liyuan Yin, Lijie Gao, Junhai Gao, Junhui Chen, Jingxi Li and Fuhang Song
Article: Two New Bromophenols with Radical Scavenging Activity from Marine Red AlgaSymphyocladia latiuscula
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 842-847; doi:10.3390/md11030842

M. Rashid, Somayeh Mahdavi and Serdar Kuyucak
Review: Computational Studies of Marine Toxins Targeting Ion Channels
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 848-869; doi:10.3390/md11030848

Chao-Yan Zhang, Ting Kong, Wen-Hui Wu and Min-Bo Lan
Article: The Protection of Polysaccharide from the Brown Seaweed Sargassum graminifoliumagainst Ethylene Glycol-Induced Mitochondrial Damage
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 870-880; doi:10.3390/md11030870

María Hortigüela and J. Wall
Article: Improved Detection of Domoic Acid Using Covalently Immobilised Antibody Fragments
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 881-895; doi:10.3390/md11030881

Yutaka Hata, Shikshya Timalsina and Sainawaer Maimaiti
Review: Okadaic Acid: A Tool to Study the Hippo Pathway
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 896-902; doi:10.3390/md11030896

Ying-Qing Wang and Ze-Hong Miao
Review: Marine-Derived Angiogenesis Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 903-933; doi:10.3390/md11030903

Camila Lehnhardt Pires, Selma Rodrigues, Daniel Bristot, Henrique Gaeta, Daniela de Oliveira Toyama, Wladimir Lobo Farias and Marcos Toyama
Article: Evaluation of Macroalgae Sulfated Polysaccharides on the Leishmania (L.) amazonensisPromastigote
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 934-943; doi:10.3390/md11030934

Maria Serova, Armand de Gramont, Ivan Bieche, Maria Riveiro, Carlos Galmarini, Miguel Aracil, José Jimeno, Sandrine Faivre and Eric Raymond
Article: Predictive Factors of Sensitivity to Elisidepsin, a Novel Kahalalide F-Derived Marine Compound
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 944-959; doi:10.3390/md11030944

Ling-Yan Dong, Jie Jin, Gao Lu and Xiao-Li Kang
Article: Astaxanthin Attenuates the Apoptosis of Retinal Ganglion Cells in db/db Mice by Inhibition of  Oxidative Stress
Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 960-974; doi:10.3390/md11030960


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