ArcticZymes granted a patent protecting its heat-labile dsDNase product in the USA

ArcticZymes AS, a subsidiary of Biotec Pharmacon ASA, has received a Notice of Allowance for the USA patent application covering its heat-labile dsDNase product. ArcticZymes develops, produces and sells enzymes used in molecular DNA technologies and diagnostics, growth markets where rapid technological developments are creating a strong demand for new and improved enzymes

With the approval of the new patent in the USA, ArcticZymes is adding a new and valuable asset to its existing and fast growing intellectual property portfolio. While a patent in this patent family has already been approved in South Africa, additional patent applications are pending in the main markets including Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, India, South Korea and Russia. The allowed patent in the USA provides for broad protection, covering amongst others the dsDNase itself, methods for removing contaminations from a sample reaction, as well as kits or compositions comprising the dsDNase.

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