New Protein Extraction Technology Adds Sustainable Value to Fish Industry

Biotechnology facilities and validation provider, The GMP Group, have signed a manufacturing contract with food biotech company, Cells United, who have developed a novel process to extract digestible proteins from fish waste in Scotland.

GMP Group, CEO, Frank Donegan and his team worked closely with Cells United to develop a unique, mobile, multi container-based extraction technology which can be used in several sites at the point of processing. Any residual waste from the process will be used for biofuel to power the mobile plant which will operate to pharmaceutical GMP and top level food quality standards.

GMP Group CEO Frank Donegan states: “The unique and innovative extraction process and validation we have developed with Cells United will open up a new market around the world for pharmaceutical grade digestible protein and a vital new tool for aid agencies in their fight against global malnutrition.

The salmon by-product will be used to produce CellperTM, a new pharmaceutical grade, nutritional compound that has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of malnutrition in people post-surgery who cannot otherwise digest protein.

The high protein absorption capability also has potential in humanitarian hunger relief as initial research indicates significant muscle gain and physical strength improvement in children in India.

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