Odyssey Marine Exploration and Morphogenesis discover biotech ‘treasures’ in the deep

Researchers at biotech firm Morphogenesis have identified marine microorganisms that will yield critical pharmaceuticals such as anti-cancer drugs and antibiotics from seafloor sediment samples harvested by Odyssey.

Morphogenesis Inc., a leading biotechnology and cancer-treatment research and development firm, has discovered substances with pharmaceutical properties beneficial to mankind from seafloor sediment samples that were recovered from the ocean bottom by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. and Recovery Limited Partnership.

“Equally as exciting as the discovery of Gold Rush-era treasure is the rich source of pharmaceutical treasure that can be uncovered,” commented Michael J.P. Lawman, PhD., president and co-founder of Tampa-based Morphogenesis Inc.

Dr. Lawman and his group have analyzed deep-ocean sand, mud and rock samples recovered from wreck sites by the renowned undersea exploration company, Odyssey Marine Exploration, and are in the process of identifying bacterial isolates and studying them for potential drugs that target cancer and infectious diseases in both human and animal bio-pharmaceutical fields.

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