Mar. Drugs, Volume 13, Issue 1 (January 2015), Pages 1-696 Released

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Mar. Drugs, Volume 13, Issue 1 (January 2015), Pages 1-696

Table of Contents

Special Issue Marine Anti-infective Agents

Article: Marine-Derived Quorum-Sensing Inhibitory Activities Enhance the Antibacterial Efficacy of Tobramycin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
by Alessandro Busetti, George Shaw, Julianne Megaw, Sean P. Gorman, Christine A. Maggs and Brendan F. Gilmore
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 1-28; doi:10.3390/md13010001

Review: Marine Peptides and Their Anti-Infective Activities
by Hee Kyoung Kang, Chang Ho Seo and Yoonkyung Park
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 618-654; doi:10.3390/md13010618


Special Issue Emerging Marine Toxins

Communication: Augmenting Anti-Cancer Natural Products with a Small Molecule Adjuvant
by Paul G. Wahome, Kevin R. Beauchesne, Anna C. Pedone, John Cavanagh, Christian Melander, Paul Zimba and Peter D. R. Moeller
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 65-75; doi:10.3390/md13010065


Special Issue Marine Natural Products – Advances in Separation, Characterisation and Chemical Profiling Methodologies

Article: Chemical Profiling (HPLC-NMR & HPLC-MS), Isolation, and Identification of Bioactive Meroditerpenoids from the Southern Australian Marine Brown Alga Sargassum paradoxum
by Robert Brkljača and Sylvia Urban
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 102-127; doi:10.3390/md13010102

Article: Total Synthesis of Gobiusxanthin Stereoisomers and Their Application to Determination of Absolute Configurations of Natural Products: Revision of Reported Absolute Configuration of Epigobiusxanthin
by Yumiko Yamano, Kotaro Ematsu, Hiromasa Kurimoto, Takashi Maoka and Akimori Wada
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 159-172; doi:10.3390/md13010159

Article: Preparative Separation of Sulfur-Containing Diketopiperazines from Marine FungusCladosporium sp. Using High-Speed Counter-Current Chromatography in Stepwise Elution Mode
by Binbin Gu, Yanying Zhang, Lijian Ding, Shan He, Bin Wu, Junde Dong, Peng Zhu, Juanjuan Chen, Jinrong Zhang and Xiaojun Yan
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 354-365; doi:10.3390/md13010354


Special Issue Bioactive Compounds from Marine Microbes

Article: New Ikarugamycin Derivatives with Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties from Streptomyceszhaozhouensis
by Rodney Lacret, Daniel Oves-Costales, Cristina Gómez, Caridad Díaz, Mercedes de la Cruz, Ignacio Pérez-Victoria, Francisca Vicente, Olga Genilloud and Fernando Reyes
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 128-140; doi:10.3390/md13010128

Article: Asperlones A and B, Dinaphthalenone Derivatives from a Mangrove Endophytic FungusAspergillus sp. 16-5C
by Ze’en Xiao, Shao’e Lin, Chunbing Tan, Yongjun Lu, Lei He, Xishan Huang and Zhigang She
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 366-378; doi:10.3390/md13010366

Article: Biosynthesis of Akaeolide and Lorneic Acids and Annotation of Type I Polyketide Synthase Gene Clusters in the Genome of Streptomyces sp. NPS554
by Tao Zhou, Hisayuki Komaki, Natsuko Ichikawa, Akira Hosoyama, Seizo Sato and Yasuhiro Igarashi
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 581-596; doi:10.3390/md13010581


Special Issue Advances in Marine Chitin and Chitosan

Article: Does the Use of Chitosan Contribute to Oxalate Kidney Stone Formation?
by Moacir Fernandes Queiroz, Karoline Rachel Teodosio Melo, Diego Araujo Sabry, Guilherme Lanzi Sassaki and Hugo Alexandre Oliveira Rocha
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 141-158; doi:10.3390/md13010141

Article: Chitosan in Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery: Focus on Local Vaginal Therapy
by Toril Andersen, Stefan Bleher, Gøril Eide Flaten, Ingunn Tho, Sofia Mattsson and Nataša Škalko-Basnet
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 222-236; doi:10.3390/md13010222

Review: Recent Modifications of Chitosan for Adsorption Applications: A Critical and Systematic Review
by George Z. Kyzas and Dimitrios N. Bikiaris
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 312-337; doi:10.3390/md13010312

Article: Squid Pen Chitin Chitooligomers as Food Colorants Absorbers
by Tzu-Wen Liang, Chih-Ting Huang, Nguyen Anh Dzung and San-Lang Wang
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 681-696; doi:10.3390/md13010681


Special Issue Synthesis around Marine Natural Products

Article: Synthesis of Enantiopure Reversed Structured Ether Lipids of the 1-O-Alkyl-sn-2,3-diacylglycerol Type
by Carlos D. Magnusson, Anna V. Gudmundsdottir, Kai-Anders Hansen and Gudmundur G. Haraldsson
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 173-201; doi:10.3390/md13010173

Article: Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of Thiazolyl-bis-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridines and Indolyl-thiazolyl-pyrrolo[2,3-c]pyridines, Nortopsentin Analogues
by Anna Carbone, Barbara Parrino, Gloria Di Vita, Alessandro Attanzio, Virginia Spanò, Alessandra Montalbano, Paola Barraja, Luisa Tesoriere, Maria Antonia Livrea, Patrizia Diana and Girolamo Cirrincione
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 460-492; doi:10.3390/md13010460

Article: Development of Highly Selective Kv1.3-Blocking Peptides Based on the Sea Anemone Peptide ShK
by Michael W. Pennington, Shih Chieh Chang, Satendra Chauhan, Redwan Huq, Rajeev B. Tajhya, Sandeep Chhabra, Raymond S. Norton and Christine Beeton
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 529-542; doi:10.3390/md13010529

Article: Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of New Marine Alkaloid-Derived Pentacyclic Structures with Anti-Tumoral Potency
by Sebastien Boucle, Celine Melin, Marc Clastre and Jerome Guillard
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 655-665; doi:10.3390/md13010655


Special Issue Terpenoids of Marine Origin

Article: New Meroterpenoids from the Endophytic Fungus Aspergillus flavipes AIL8 Derived from the Mangrove Plant Acanthus ilicifolius
by Zhi-Qiang Bai, Xiuping Lin, Junfeng Wang, Xuefeng Zhou, Juan Liu, Bin Yang, Xianwen Yang, Shengrong Liao, Lishu Wang and Yonghong Liu
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 237-248; doi:10.3390/md13010237


Special Issue Metabolomics – Applications in Marine Natural Products Chemistry

Article: LC-MS-Based Metabolomics Study of Marine Bacterial Secondary Metabolite and Antibiotic Production in Salinispora arenicola
by Utpal Bose, Amitha K. Hewavitharana, Yi Kai Ng, Paul Nicholas Shaw, John A. Fuerst and Mark P. Hodson
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 249-266; doi:10.3390/md13010249

Article: Profiling of the Molecular Weight and Structural Isomer Abundance of Macroalgae-Derived Phlorotannins
by Natalie Heffernan, Nigel P. Brunton, Richard J. FitzGerald and Thomas J. Smyth
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 509-528; doi:10.3390/md13010509


Special Issue Marine Compounds and Cancer

Article: Araguspongine C Induces Autophagic Death in Breast Cancer Cells through Suppression of c-Met and HER2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling
by Mohamed R. Akl, Nehad M. Ayoub, Hassan Y. Ebrahim, Mohamed M. Mohyeldin, Khaled Y. Orabi, Ahmed I. Foudah and Khalid A. El Sayed
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 288-311; doi:10.3390/md13010288

Article: Combination of Trabectedin and Gemcitabine for Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Results of a Phase I Dose Escalating Trial of the German Interdisciplinary Sarcoma Group (GISG)
by Bernd Kasper, Peter Reichardt, Daniel Pink, Michaela Sommer, Monika Mathew, Geraldine Rauch and Peter Hohenberger
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 379-388; doi:10.3390/md13010379


Special Issue Marine Biomaterials

Article: Preparation of Photocrosslinked Fish Elastin Polypeptide/Microfibrillated Cellulose Composite Gels with Elastic Properties for Biomaterial Applications
by Shinya Yano, Megumi Mori, Naozumi Teramoto, Makoto Iisaka, Natsumi Suzuki, Masanari Noto, Yasuko Kaimoto, Masashi Kakimoto, Michio Yamada, Eri Shiratsuchi, Toshiaki Shimasaki and Mitsuhiro Shibata
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 338-353; doi:10.3390/md13010338

Review: Magnetotactic Bacteria as Potential Sources of Bioproducts
by Ana Carolina V. Araujo, Fernanda Abreu, Karen Tavares Silva, Dennis A. Bazylinski and Ulysses Lins
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 389-430; doi:10.3390/md13010389


Special Issue Marine Secondary Metabolites

Article: Isolation and Assessment of the in Vitro Anti-Tumor Activity of Smenothiazole A and B, Chlorinated Thiazole-Containing Peptide/Polyketides from the Caribbean Sponge, Smenospongia aurea
by Germana Esposito, Roberta Teta, Roberta Miceli, Luca S. Ceccarelli, Gerardo Della Sala, Rosa Camerlingo, Elena Irollo, Alfonso Mangoni, Giuseppe Pirozzi and Valeria Costantino
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 444-459; doi:10.3390/md13010444



Special Issue Marine Functional Food

Article: Enzyme-Assisted Extraction of Bioactive Material from Chondrus crispus and Codium fragile and Its Effect on Herpes simplex Virus (HSV-1)
by Garima Kulshreshtha, Anne-Sophie Burlot, Christel Marty, Alan Critchley, Jeff Hafting, Gilles Bedoux, Nathalie Bourgougnon and Balakrishnan Prithiviraj
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 558-580; doi:10.3390/md13010558



Further Publications

Article: Marine Compound Xyloketal B Reduces Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury
by Ai-Jiao Xiao, Wenliang Chen, Baofeng Xu, Rui Liu, Ekaterina Turlova, Andrew Barszczyk, Christopher Lf Sun, Ling Liu, Marielle Deurloo, Guan-Lei Wang, Zhong-Ping Feng and Hong-Shuo Sun
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 29-47; doi:10.3390/md13010029

Article: Intestinal Absorption of Fucoidan Extracted from the Brown Seaweed, Cladosiphon okamuranus
by Takeaki Nagamine, Kyoumi Nakazato, Satoru Tomioka, Masahiko Iha and Katsuyuki Nakajima
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 48-64; doi:10.3390/md13010048

Article: Sulfated Galactofucan from the Brown Alga Saccharina latissima—Variability of Yield, Structural Composition and Bioactivity
by Karina Ehrig and Susanne Alban
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 76-101; doi:10.3390/md13010076

Article: Statistical Research on the Bioactivity of New Marine Natural Products Discovered during the 28 Years from 1985 to 2012
by Yiwen Hu, Jiahui Chen, Guping Hu, Jianchen Yu, Xun Zhu, Yongcheng Lin, Shengping Chen and Jie Yuan
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 202-221; doi:10.3390/md13010202

Editorial: Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Marine Drugs in 2014
by Marine Drugs Editorial Office
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 267-275; doi:10.3390/md13010267

Article: Penicibrocazines A–E, Five New Sulfide Diketopiperazines from the Marine-Derived Endophytic Fungus Penicillium brocae
by Ling-Hong Meng, Peng Zhang, Xiao-Ming Li and Bin-Gui Wang
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 276-287; doi:10.3390/md13010276

Article: Ophiobolin O Isolated from Aspergillus ustus Induces G1 Arrest of MCF-7 Cells through Interaction with AKT/GSK3β/Cyclin D1 Signaling
by Cuiting Lv, Wenxing Qin, Tonghan Zhu, Shanjian Wei, Kui Hong, Weiming Zhu, Ruohua Chen and Caiguo Huang
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 431-443; doi:10.3390/md13010431

Article: Activation of p53 with Ilimaquinone and Ethylsmenoquinone, Marine Sponge Metabolites, Induces Apoptosis and Autophagy in Colon Cancer Cells
by Hyun-Young Lee, Kyu Jin Chung, In Hyun Hwang, Jungsuk Gwak, Seoyoung Park, Bong Gun Ju, Eunju Yun, Dong-Eun Kim, Young-Hwa Chung, MinKyun Na, Gyu-Yong Song and Sangtaek Oh
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 543-557; doi:10.3390/md13010543

Article: Marine Structure Derived Calcium Phosphate–Polymer Biocomposites for Local Antibiotic Delivery
by Innocent J. Macha, Sophie Cazalbou, Besim Ben-Nissan, Kate L. Harvey and Bruce Milthorpe
Mar. Drugs 201513(1), 666-680; doi:10.3390/md13010666