Mar. Drugs, Volume 13, Issue 11 (November 2015), Pages 6550-7054 Released

MDPI is pleased to announce the publication of the following issue of Marine Drugs:

Mar. Drugs, Volume 13, Issue 11 (November 2015), Pages 6550-7054


Table of Contents


Special Issue Advances in Marine Chitin and Chitosan II, 2017

Review: Chitosanases from Family 46 of Glycoside Hydrolases: From Proteins to Phenotypes
by Pascal Viens, Marie-Ève Lacombe-Harvey and Ryszard Brzezinski
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6566-6587; doi:10.3390/md13116566


Topical Collection Marine Polysaccharides

Article: Heparanase and Syndecan-4 Are Involved in Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan-Induced Angiogenesis
by Oualid Haddad, Erwan Guyot, Nicolas Marinval, Fabien Chevalier, Loïc Maillard, Latifa Gadi, Christelle Laguillier-Morizot, Olivier Oudar, Angela Sutton, Nathalie Charnaux and Hanna Hlawaty
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6588-6608; doi:10.3390/md13116588


Special Issue Marine Carotenoids

Article: Isolation and Analysis of the Cppsy Gene and Promoter from Chlorella protothecoides CS-41
by Meiya Li, Yan Cui, Zhibing Gan, Chunlei Shi and Xianming Shi
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6620-6635; doi:10.3390/md13116620


Special Issue Marine Compounds and Their Application in Neurological Disorders

Article: Nitric Oxide Synthase in the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Organs of Stramonita haemastoma: Protein Distribution and Gene Expression in Response to Thermal Stress
by Mattia Toni, Federica De Angelis, Maria Carmela Bonaccorsi di Patti and Carla Cioni
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6636-6664; doi:10.3390/md13116636

Review: Fish Synucleins: An Update
by Mattia Toni and Carla Cioni
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6665-6686; doi:10.3390/md13116665


Special Issue Marine Secondary Metabolites

Article: Structure Elucidation and in Vitro Toxicity of New Azaspiracids Isolated from the Marine Dinoflagellate Azadinium poporum
by Bernd Krock, Urban Tillmann, Éric Potvin, Hae Jin Jeong, Wolfgang Drebing, Jane Kilcoyne, Ahmed Al-Jorani, Michael J. Twiner, Qun Göthel and Matthias Köck
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6687-6702; doi:10.3390/md13116687

Article: A New Analogue of Echinomycin and a New Cyclic Dipeptide from a Marine-DerivedStreptomyces sp. LS298
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6947-6961; doi:10.3390/md13116947


Special Issue Compounds from Cyanobacteria

Article: Effects of Cylindrospermopsin Producing Cyanobacterium and Its Crude Extracts on a Benthic Green Alga—Competition or Allelopathy?
by Viktória B-Béres, Gábor Vasas, Dalma Dobronoki, Sándor Gonda, Sándor Alex Nagy and István Bácsi
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6703-6722; doi:10.3390/md13116703

Article: Seasonal Changes in Mycosporine-Like Amino Acid Production Rate with Respect to Natural Phytoplankton Species Composition
by Sun-Yong Ha, Yeonjung Lee, Min-Seob Kim, K. Suresh Kumar and Kyung-Hoon Shin
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6740-6758; doi:10.3390/md13116740

Review: Cyanobactins from Cyanobacteria: Current Genetic and Chemical State of Knowledge
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6910-6946; doi:10.3390/md13116910


Special Issue Marine Glycoconjugates

Article: Structure of an Amino Acid-Decorated Exopolysaccharide Secreted by a Vibrio alginolyticusStrain
by Sophie Drouillard, Isabelle Jeacomine, Laurine Buon, Claire Boisset, Anthony Courtois, Bertrand Thollas, Pierre-Yves Morvan, Romuald Vallée and William Helbert
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6723-6739; doi:10.3390/md13116723


Special Issue Marine Anticoagulants and Antithrombotics

Article: The Marine-Derived Kinase Inhibitor Fascaplysin Exerts Anti-Thrombotic Activity
by Emmanuel Ampofo, Thomas Später, Isabelle Müller, Hermann Eichler, Michael D. Menger and Matthias W. Laschke
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6774-6791; doi:10.3390/md13116774

Special Issue Marine Functional Food

Review: Seaweeds as Preventive Agents for Cardiovascular Diseases: From Nutrients to Functional Foods
by Susana M. Cardoso, Olívia R. Pereira, Ana M. L. Seca, Diana C. G. A. Pinto and Artur M. S. Silva
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6838-6865; doi:10.3390/md13116838



Special Issue Marine Fatty Acids-2016

Review: Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Skeletal Muscle Health
by Iain J. Gallagher, Stuart D. R. Galloway and D. Lee Hamilton
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6977-7004; doi:10.3390/md13116977



Further Publications

Article: Bioactive Hydantoin Alkaloids from the Red Sea Marine Sponge Hemimycale arabica
by Diaa T. A. Youssef, Lamiaa A. Shaala and Khalid Z. Alshali
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6609-6619; doi:10.3390/md13116609

Article: Identification of Antiviral Agents Targeting Hepatitis B Virus Promoter from Extracts of Indonesian Marine Organisms by a Novel Cell-Based Screening Assay
by Atsuya Yamashita, Yuusuke Fujimoto, Mayumi Tamaki, Andi Setiawan, Tomohisa Tanaka, Kaori Okuyama-Dobashi, Hirotake Kasai, Koichi Watashi, Takaji Wakita, Masaaki Toyama, Masanori Baba, Nicole J. de Voogd, Shinya Maekawa, Nobuyuki Enomoto, Junichi Tanaka and Kohji Moriishi
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6759-6773; doi:10.3390/md13116759

Review: Biomedical and Clinical Importance of Mussel-Inspired Polymers and Materials
by Nagendra Kumar Kaushik, Neha Kaushik, Sunil Pardeshi, Jai Gopal Sharma, Seung Hyun Lee and Eun Ha Choi
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6792-6817; doi:10.3390/md13116792

Article: Polyphenol-Rich Fraction of Ecklonia cava Improves Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in High Fat Diet-Fed Mice
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6866-6883; doi:10.3390/md13116866

Review: Marine Drugs Regulating Apoptosis Induced by Tumor Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL)
by Mohammed I. Y. Elmallah
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 6884-6909; doi:10.3390/md13116884

Article: Phorbaketal A, Isolated from the Marine Sponge Phorbas sp., Exerts Its Anti-Inflammatory Effects via NF-κB Inhibition and Heme Oxygenase-1 Activation in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Macrophages
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 7005-7019; doi:10.3390/md13117005

Article: Characterization of a Newly Isolated Marine Fungus Aspergillus dimorphicus for Optimized Production of the Anti-Tumor Agent Wentilactones
Mar. Drugs 201513(11), 7040-7054; doi:10.3390/md13117040


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