Seaweed Extract – A Ray of Hope for Diabetics to Lead a Needle-free Life

Diabetes sufferers now can lead a needle-free life, thanks to a breakthrough capsule made from seaweed extract. Japanese scientists have developed the novel seaweed capsule which they claim could help in providing relief to diabetic patients from the constant pain of needle pricks.

The seaweed capsule is created by a team of scientists led by professor Amy Shen from the the Okinawa Institute of Technology and Science Graduate University (OIST) for preserving insulin-producing pancreatic cells, offering hope to diabetics to lead the injection-free life.

Type 1 diabetes patients require daily dose of insulin injections. Pancreatic islet transplantation, which includes the transfer of isolated islets from a donor pancreas to a diabetic patient, is an effective treatment that can significantly reduce daily doses or even eliminate dependence on external insulin.

Only human islets can be transplanted thus far and their supply is low. The method commonly used for the islet preservation and transportation is Cryopreservation, or deep freezing, which is not completely safe and might compromise cell viability due to ice damage.

The OIST scientists, however, have developed a novel cryopreservation method that they claim helps to protect pancreatic islets from ice damage.

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