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  • SEE ALGAE Technology GmbH Announces Sale of Algae Farm to Brazil’s Grupo JB

    SEE ALGAE Technology GmbH (“SAT” or the “Company”), a leading developer of infrastructure for the commercial production of high-quality algae, announced today that it had signed an agreement to supply and install a 1 hectare “dual-use” algae production plant for Recife, Brazil-based Grupo JB (“JB”), one of the leading bioethanol producers in Brazil. Once operational, this farm will primarily be utilized to […]
  • VG Energy to Launch First Commercial Product, LipidMax(TM) for Palm and Algae Oil Production

    Viral Genetics (pinksheets:VRAL), through its majority owned subsidiary VG Energy, is now verifying the chemical activity in industrial scale batches of LipidMax(TM) in response to demand for the product from research institutes and from industry. LipidMax, the first product marketed by VG Energy, is a lipid enhancement compound for use in the production of oils from algae and other plants […]
  • Algae.Tec Commissions Australian Biofuels Facility

    Perth, Australia-based Algae.Tec, an advanced algae to biofuels company manufacturing enclosed algae growth and harvesting systems, has announced the commissioning for its showcase biofuels facility, Shoalhaven One, in Nowra, Australia. Algae.Tec Executive Chairman Roger Stroud said the commissioning process was on track for production of algae biomass in early June, ramping up to capacity by the end of June. More […]
  • NASA Wants to Launch Floating Algae Farms

    $10 million project aims to grow algae for biofuels inside plastic bags. Shortly, NASA will show off some of its latest technology: a system for growing algae in floating plastic bags. The system is the result of a $10 million, two-year project that investigated whether the algae could be used to make biofuels, including jet fuel. The system is designed […]
  • Growing International Interest In Oceanology To Benefit The Global Marine Biotechnology Market, According To New Report By Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

    With growing environmental pollution throwing the spotlight on sustainable industrial development, there exists huge demand for suitable, scalable, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable feedstock options for the manufacturing industry. With sustainable feedstock production and delivery ballooning into a massive industry worldwide, the world’s oceans have emerged into the next frontier for investigative, biological resource development and management R&D projects. For […]
  • International Algae Competition Winners Announced

    Robert Henrikson and Mark Edwards announced seven prize winners of the International Algae Competition at a special event on April 12 at the Algae Technology Platform Conference in San Diego, CA. Juror scoring was very close. There were ties for first place prizes. Beyond these prizes, competition winners, finalists and many entries will be recognized in upcoming media news releases, articles, […]
  • Regus Advisors Signs Algae Biofuel Agreement – New BioFuel Venture in California

    Regus Advisors Inc., a private global Investment Banking firm, announced today that it has completed an agreement to provide its professional advisory services with (AIGI) Algae International Group Inc., for the development of their first $2,000,000 “Algae2BioFuel” Limited Partnership Venture in California. More info
  • Sapphire Energy gets $144M in its fuel tank to turn algae into gasoline

    Sapphire Energy, a company that creates algae-based fuel, just announced a whopping $144 million in funding. In recent years several startups have emerged to create fuel out of plant material, all hoping to lure people away from gasoline made from crude oil. Solazyme, Algae.tec, and Sapphire Energy all dominate the space, trying to edge out not only each other but oil companies […]
  • OriginOil looks to build urban algae farm to treat wastewater and generate heat for homes

    Algae are getting more attention from the world of science for its possible uses as a source of alternative energy. These simple organisms are very easy to manage and have shown strong resilience to a variety of environments that would be somewhat hostile to other life forms. As such, Algae have become a popular subject for use as a form […]
  • Indian ministry test-drives diesel vehicle on algae-derived B100

    The Indian Ministry of Science and Technology announced the government’s first test-run of 100 percent algae-derived biodiesel in a Chevrolet Tavera, a diesel multi-utility vehicle made by General Motors for the Indian market. The event took place March 30. More info