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  • Bluewave Marine Ingredients gets GMP for fish protein plant

    Fish protein producer Bluewave Marine Ingredients has announced its joint venture operation in Ecuador has received GMP certification from SGS. The recently formed company produces fish protein isolate at half the price of canned or frozen fish methods, and allows for the inclusion of protein in powder form for products including breads, pastas and soups. “This is an important milestone […]
  • NP Nutra produces new potent brown seaweed extract (Fucoidan P.E. 85 Percent)

    NP Nutra reports that they have produced a new potent brown seaweed extract called Fucoidan P.E. 85 Percent. Fucoidan (Laminaria japonica) is found primarily in the cell walls of several species of brown seaweed, such as kombu, limu moui, hijiki and bladderwrack. Lending a slippery texture to these sea plants, Fucoidan provides protection for them in even high sunlight and […]
  • Portland, Maine’s Ocean Approved Seaweed Products begins further expansion

    Like so many entrepreneurial ventures with food products, Ocean Approved frozen seaweed started with a pot simmering on a kitchen stove. Now, with a $95,000 NOAA Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase I Grant and an experimental lease to raise seaweed near Little Chebeague Island, the first lease of its kind in the U.S., the company, which has grown steadily […]
  • MDPI Office of the Publisher announces publication of new Marine Drugs issue

    MDPI announces publication of the following issue: Mar. Drugs, Volume 8, Issue 7 (July 2010), Pages 1962-2222 at Table of Contents: Jiali Zhang, Wenshui Xia, Ping Liu, Qinyuan Cheng, Talba Tahi, Wenxiu Gu and Bo Li Review: Chitosan Modification and Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Applications Mar. Drugs 2010, 8(7), 1962-1987; doi:10.3390/md8071962 Feisal Khoushab and Montarop Yamabhai Review: Chitin Research Revisited Mar. […]
  • NutritionalFinds to Sell Maritech’s Seaweed Extract Joint Blend in North America, a division of Natural Discoveries LLC, announced that they have been granted the exclusive rights to represent Maritech® Joint Blend bioactive for nutraceutical applications in North America. Maritech® Joint blend is a proprietary, certified organic combination of 3 unique fucoidans extracted from seaweed which has been clinically proven safe and effective for reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis. NutritionalFinds will promote […]
  • Australian Scientists In Swine Flu Breakthrough with Seaweed

    In a breakthrough that offers new hope for the containment of influenza outbreaks, an Australian biotechnology company has isolated a natural extract from seaweed which has been shown to inhibit the H1N1 virus. The extract – known as Maritech® 926 – is a fucoidan compound derived from the Undaria pinnatifida species of seaweed. In vitro tests performed under contract by […]
  • New marine extract from the brown algae for skincare

    News out of France — Kalpariane is a new marine extract from the brown algae Alaria Esculenta which has been developed by BiotechMarine to nourish and protect the skin. The extract has anti-collagenase and anti-elastase activity to preserve skin elasticity and skin suppleness by reducing elastin and collagen degradation. It contains omega-3 and omega-6 oils to reinforce the skins hydro-lipidic […]
  • Anti-Cancer Fucoidans Extracted from Brown Marine Algae; May be Used in Functional Beverages

    A team of researchers has developed a method for extracting three different varieties of polysaccharides from the algae: alginates, fucoidans, and laminaran. The researchers found that the extracted alginates appeared to demonstrate anti-bacterial properties and appeared to be effective against E. coli and staphylococcus. Studies have suggested that both laminarans and fucoidans have immune-boosting, cancer-fighting, and anti-viral properties. As part […]
  • Brown Marine Algae Mined for Functional Ingredients

    Franck Hennequart and his colleagues at the National University of Ireland in Galway have developed a process to extract alginates, laminaran and fucoidans from brown algae. Alginates are currently used as low-cost thickening and viscosity stabilizers for such products as salad dressings, and for microencapsulated ingredients. Laminarans are used in horticulture, but otherwise have no other industrial applications, and fucoidans […]