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  • Supreme Biotechnologies launches new joint care product based on Astaxanthin and Omega-3

    Supreme Biotechnologies, producers of AstaSupreme Astaxanthin, have launched a unique formula which combines Astaxanthin, Curcumin and Omega 3. Supreme Biotechnologies CEO Tony Dowd says the new product is designed specifically to target inflammation in sore joints and tendons, by combining three ingredients that have been clinically validated as natural anti-inflammatory agents. “Many people suffering from painful inflamed joints often take […]
  • SeaQuarius launches marine-based skin care line

    SeaQuarius LLC began sales operations Jan. 1,st 2013 after a lengthy formulation and research cycle with multiple cosmetic houses. SeaQuarius LLC specializes in formulating marine themed skincare products, which incorporates effective ocean derived compounds, to bring nourishment and vitality to the skin.  Their products are reported to go to work deep within the skin to protect and nourish.  Potent antioxidants […]
  • 2012 the breakthrough year for Aqua Bio Technology

    ABT recently announced its 2012 financial results. The Company had its commercial breakthrough in 2012 and posted revenues of NOK 20.3 million for the year. ABT’s revenues the year before were NOK 0.5 million. Contracts with two US based customers are the main reason for the commercial success. Aqua Bio Technology’s lead ingredient Aquabeautine XL™ is now included in new […]
  • Fish bones’ second life

    A new project is exploring means of turning fish waste into value-added products such as neutraceuticals while attempting to make fisheries a greener industry in developing countries. Only about 50% of every fish sold as fillet is actually eaten.  Often, fish heads, viscera, skin and bones are discarded. In this context, the SECUREFISH project, funded by the EU, aims at reducing the […]
  • Marine biotechnology advances towards applications in new functional foods

    The marine ecosystem is still an untapped reservoir of biologically active compounds, which have considerable potential to supply food ingredients towards development of new functional foods. With the goal of increasing the availability and chemical diversity of functional marine ingredients, much research has been developed using biotechnological tools to discover and produce new compounds. This review summarizes the advances in […]

    LIPOTEC is introducing in Bangkok its novel peptides Delisens™ and Telangyn™ directed at treating skin disorders that characterizes sensitive skin, which are caused by an exaggerated inflammatory response to external stimuli, such as cosmetics allergens. Marine-based HA-booster Hyanify™ is also among its new active ingredients on show at in-cosmetics. From marine biotechnology through biofermentation, Hyanify™ is an exopolysaccharide with efficacy in boosting the synthesis […]
  • Cyanotech Reports Financial Results

    Cyanotech Corporation, a world leader in microalgae-based, high-value nutrition and health products, including BioAstin® Natural Astaxanthin and Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica®, has announced financial results for the second quarter and first six months of fiscal year 2013, ended September 30, 2012. Second Quarter 2013 For the second quarter of fiscal 2013 compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2012, revenues were […]
  • Aqua Bio Technology banking on new products to drive sales growth

    Norwegian firm Aqua Bio Technology has reported a fall in revenue in the second quarter of 2012. The company posted a significant sales increase in the first quarter of the year when two major contracts boosted income to NOK11.9m. However, second quarter income was just NOK0.1m, compared with NOK0.4m in the same period of 2011. The company, which is responsible […]
  • Bibliographic database for Plymouth Marine Laboratory publications from 2001 – present now available

    The list of Plymouth Marine Laboratory publications since 2002 can be uploaded in pdf format from the PML web site. More info
  • Biotec Pharmacon completes filing of technical dossier for Woulgan

    Biotec Pharmacon confirms that the non medicinal part of the Dossier for Woulgan® has been filed to the Notified Body as scheduled in the Company’s announcement from July 6th. This completes the filing of the Dossier for Woulgan® to the Notified Body, DNV Nemko Presafe AS and to the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for their review and approval. […]