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  • Fish Oil Fortification of Soft Goat Cheese

    A new study in the February issue of the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, shows that fish oil can be added to goat cheese to deliver high levels of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids without compromising taste or shelf-life. Fish oil is an underused ingredient in the food industry because of its association with a […]
  • New study shows that humans can absorb similar omega-3 levels from fish oil capsules or fruit juice as they can from eating salmon paté

    A new study shows that humans can absorb just as much omega-3 from fish oil capsules or fruit juice as they can from eating salmon paté. “We can see that just as much omega-3 is absorbed into the bloodstream regardless of whether we take in these long-chain marine fatty acids in capsules, enriched fruit juice or enriched fish paté,” explains […]
  • A more profitable use for fish waste

    The majority of fish waste is turned into fishmeal or fish oil. But what if there was a way for processors to earn three to four times more money from selling their fish waste? Gurry Investments, a Boston-based investment firm established in 2000, is using its technology to produce organic fertilizer using waste from farmed fish. The company, working with […]
  • Marine biotech in Norway continues to make waves

    Some 30 million NOK are to be made available for new initiatives alongside continuing support for established programmes such as MABIT and Marbank. The Norwegian government acknowledged awareness of the importance of marine biotech to the economy by allocating dedicated funds within the new budget in October. Some 30 million NOK (3,84 million EUR) are to be made available for new […]
  • NZ Biotech company Photonz successfully transfers omega-3 fermentation process to industrial scale Canadian pilot plant

    Biotech company Photonz Corporation has achieved a major milestone on the path to commercially manufacturing, by fermentation, the high-value omega-3 fatty acid, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). It has successfully transferred its strain and fermentation process, developed in Auckland, to a contract facility in Canada, which has then used that process to ferment material from algal biomass in a 7.5 tonne industrial scale […]
  • GC Rieber Oils utilizes fish oil for biodiesel

    GC Rieber Oils currently possesses two plants in Kristiansund, Norway, where they refine fish oils into omega-3 oils. All processes in the refineries are driven by steam. Until recently, fuel oil from fossil fuel has been used in the steam boiler to create steam. GC Rieber Oils has found a more environmentally friendly replacement for the fuel oil. When producing […]
  • Pharma Marine Launches Oceans Superior Omega-3 Ingredients

    Pharma Marine, manufacturer of high-quality, specialty omega-3 fatty acid ingredients, has introduced the Oceans omega-3 line. Oceans omega-3s combine an ecologically-focused sourcing strategy with cutting-edge processing technology to deliver best-in-class omega-3 ingredients. The raw materials used in Oceans are certified EU human food grade and utilizes several species (all Ph. Eur. monograph approved) in order to minimize the burden on […]
  • Source-Omega Launches Algae DHA Brand CereNate™ a Mother’s Gift for Life

    Source-Omega, a leader in international algae oil omega-3 fatty acid supplements, finished product development and private labelling, today announced creation and launch of the CereNate™ DHA brand. To assist with the launch, Source-Omega provides exclusive marketing and distribution rights under Source-Omega’s license and sole-source agreements to Novamed Singapore, starting January 1st 2012. “CereNate is A Mother’s Gift For Life,” said […]
  • Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Obtains New Patent Directed to Compositions of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Phospholipids Including Krill Oil

    Neptune Technologies and Bioressources Inc., announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has granted Neptune a new patent covering omega-3 phospholipids comprising polyunsaturated fatty acids, one of the main bioactive ingredients in all recognized Krill Oils. The patent is granted for the U.S. market and is valid until 2025. Neptune’s recently issued U.S. patent (U.S. No. 8,030,348) covers, […]
  • Global omega-3 market set for ongoing 15-20% growth: Report

    The 2010 global omega-3 market – just for foods and beverages and food supplements – is worth €5.57bn, according to a new report, with growth predicted of between 15-20%. The omega-3 sector continues to expand, according to Packaged facts data. Packaged Facts said the food, beverages and supplements figure, which excludes fish, represented a 17% rise on 2009. “This sector […]