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  • Biomedical benefits of algae investigated in Chile

    Researchers at the University of Santiago de Chile (Usach) are studying three species of algae in the Region of Magallanes so as to use them in the development of antibacterial patches and in gastric juice resistant drug encapsulation. The study, entitled Soluble Algal Polysaccharides from the Magallanes Region, is a project funded by the Department of Scientific and Technological Research (Dicyt) of the […]
  • Alabama Inventors Patent Algae Extraction Method

    Streamline Automation, of Huntsville, Alabama, has been assigned a patent (8,303,818) developed by four co-inventors for a “method and apparatus using an active ionic liquid for algae biofuel harvest and extraction.” The co-inventors are Roberto Di Salvo, Madison, AL, Alton Reich, Huntsville, AL, H. Waite H. Dykes Jr., Huntsville, AL, and Rodrigo Teixeira, Madison, AL. The abstract of the patent […]
  • Seaweed extract could aid drought-stressed crops in UK

    This spring has seen large extremes in weather patterns from drought to flooding, causing stress to arable crops. But one researcher at University College, Cork, believes a certain chemical found in seaweed could make crops more stress tolerant. Along with factors such as extremes of temperature, inadequate nutrient supply and excess light intensity fall under the general term of abiotic […]
  • Acadian Seaplants expanding — and on target

    The first phase of the expansion of the Acadian Seaplants Ltd. plant in Cornwallis Park is nearing completion. Jean-Paul Deveau, president of the Dartmouth marine biotechnology company, said the first phase of its $4-million, multi-year expansion of its operation in the Annapolis County community began earlier this year and will be completed within the next month or two. The expansion, […]
  • Growing International Interest In Oceanology To Benefit The Global Marine Biotechnology Market, According To New Report By Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

    With growing environmental pollution throwing the spotlight on sustainable industrial development, there exists huge demand for suitable, scalable, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable feedstock options for the manufacturing industry. With sustainable feedstock production and delivery ballooning into a massive industry worldwide, the world’s oceans have emerged into the next frontier for investigative, biological resource development and management R&D projects. For […]
  • Algae-based fuels a growing business in New Mexico

    Sapphire Energy Inc., which uses a proprietary process to turn algae oil into renewable gasoline to replace fossil fuels at the pump, broke ground last June on a 300-acre commercial demonstration facility in Columbus. In Hobbs, in the heart of southeast New Mexico’s oil patch, Massachusetts-based Joule Unlimited Inc. broke ground this fall on a five-acre site that will use […]
  • Marinova reports two clinical studies in pipeline

    Marinova has some exciting news to report in the area of new clinical trials. Reflecting a commitment to developing novel fucoidan compounds with proven therapeutic efficacy, they have just commenced two new clinical trials. These two studies will investigate the potential of Maritech® fucoidan in the following clinical settings: • Osteoarthritis and Inflammation This is a large multi-site trial, directly […]
  • Marinova reporting growth for fucoidan products in US, Asia

    Australian biotech firm Marinova has reported “exceptional” demand in the US and Asia for its fucoidans, bioactives from brown seaweed researchers believe could help to explain the health and longevity of the Japanese.While fucoidans were relatively new entrants to the US market, there was a “small but growing” body of science about their benefits, covering everything from anti-viral and anti-inflammatory […]
  • Clinical Study Details Available: Efficacy of Fucoxanthin on the Prevention of Obesity

    Carotenoids have been shown to have beneficial health effects such as pro-vitamin A activity, immune response modulation and anti carcinogenic activity.  People consuming diets rich in carotenoids from natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are healthier and have lower mortality from a number of chronic illnesses. (cite: Functional food science and defence against reactive oxidative species, British Journal of […]
  • Seaweed fiber and weight loss

    A study conducted by researchers at the University Research & Development in Vlaardingen, Netherlands, has revealed that seaweed reduces the appetite and makes one slim. According to the study, adding seaweed extract alginate to a chocolate milkshake reduces hunger among people by nearly 30 per cent. The details of the study have been published in the journal Obesity. The researchers, for the study recruited a group of 23 healthy […]

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