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  • Phase I and II open-label study of seaweed extract shows potential as an immune modulator

    Background: Isolated fucoidans from brown marine algae have been shown to have a range of anti-inflammatory effects. Purpose: This present study tested a Maritech® extract formulation, containing a blend of extracts from three different species of brown algae, plus nutrients in an open label combined phase I and II pilot scale study to determine both acute safety and efficacy in […]
  • DKSH to provide market expansion services to Algea

    DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading specialty chemicals and food ingredients distributor, will offer its Market Expansion Services to Algea, the world’s largest producer of seaweed products. Under this exclusive distribution agreement, DKSH will globally support Algea’s market expansion in France, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China. Thanks to DKSH’s excellent industry network and credentials as a […]
  • Study Reveals that Seaweed and Scallop Capsules May Aid Weight Loss

    Bioactive capsules made from brown seaweed lipids and omega-3 rich scallop by-products may reduce body weight and fat mass, according to a new research in mice. The effects of omega-3 from scallop by-products and fucoxanthin from wakame seaweed can be combined to produce significant reductions in body weight and white adipose tissue, suggests the study published in the Journal of […]
  • NP Nutra produces new potent brown seaweed extract (Fucoidan P.E. 85 Percent)

    NP Nutra reports that they have produced a new potent brown seaweed extract called Fucoidan P.E. 85 Percent. Fucoidan (Laminaria japonica) is found primarily in the cell walls of several species of brown seaweed, such as kombu, limu moui, hijiki and bladderwrack. Lending a slippery texture to these sea plants, Fucoidan provides protection for them in even high sunlight and […]
  • Seaweed Company in Stornoway has won the Crown Estates Marine Business Award for seaweed venture, creating nearly 40 jobs in the Isle of Lewis in five years

    The Hebridean Seaweed Company in Stornoway has won the Crown Estates Marine Business Award for a venture that has created nearly 40 jobs in the Isle of Lewis in just five years. The company has agreements in place with the Crown Estate, which owns 70% of Britain’s coastline, and local private estates to exclusively harvest seaweed throughout the Western Isles. It also works […]
  • MDPI Office of the Publisher announces publication of new Marine Drugs issue

    MDPI announces publication of the following issue: Mar. Drugs, Volume 8, Issue 7 (July 2010), Pages 1962-2222 at Table of Contents: Jiali Zhang, Wenshui Xia, Ping Liu, Qinyuan Cheng, Talba Tahi, Wenxiu Gu and Bo Li Review: Chitosan Modification and Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Applications Mar. Drugs 2010, 8(7), 1962-1987; doi:10.3390/md8071962 Feisal Khoushab and Montarop Yamabhai Review: Chitin Research Revisited Mar. […]
  • Australian Scientists In Swine Flu Breakthrough with Seaweed

    In a breakthrough that offers new hope for the containment of influenza outbreaks, an Australian biotechnology company has isolated a natural extract from seaweed which has been shown to inhibit the H1N1 virus. The extract – known as Maritech® 926 – is a fucoidan compound derived from the Undaria pinnatifida species of seaweed. In vitro tests performed under contract by […]
  • Seaweed Extract Holds Promise as Lymphoma Treatment

    Seaweed offers the widest range of minerals of any food, as well as plant compounds called lignans, which have cancer-protective properties. New research presented at a recent cancer conference notes that seaweed extract holds promise as a treatment for lymphoma, a disease classified into Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s types. Mohammad Irhimeh, PhD, assistant professor of hematoncology and stem cells at the […]
  • Research shows effectiveness of natural seaweed extract on Osteoarthritis symptoms

    Research published today in Biologics: Targets & Therapy, cites human clinical trials conducted at Southern Cross University NatMed Research Centre, which have demonstrated that the natural seaweed extract can reduce Osteoarthritis symptoms in some patients by up to 52%. The extract used in the clinical trials is a natural complex of concentrated fucoidans – bioactive polysaccharides thought to be responsible […]
  • Tasmanian company Marinova Pty Ltd wins Technology and Innovation Award

    Marinova was nominated in two categories, the Innovation in New and Emerging Industries Award, sponsored by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, and the Technology and Innovation Award, sponsored by the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology. Since 2006, Marinova’s Cambridge extraction facility has been developing medical and nutritional applications from brown seaweed harvested in Tasmania, Canada and […]