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  • Shellfish Waste May Give Us “Vanishing Plastic”

    Prototype biodegradable plastics are possibly just months away, spelling good news for the worsening headache of plastic packaging, which accounts for up to 25 per cent of municipal landfill. Researchers at Swinburne University have been investigating the use of bioplastics – ingredients from renewable sources – and the properties of biopolymers that determine their ‘compostability’. These projects have brought together […]
  • Researchers in India Claim To Heal Wounds Within Seconds Using Chitin

    Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur (IIT-K) campus from the Department of Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering claim to have developed a polymer that can stop bleeding in five seconds when applied to a wound. Ashok Kumar Kaul, Assistant Professor in the Bio-Sciences and Bio-Engineering Department has told that such a polymer that promotes haemostasis, which is the process […]
  • Internet Journal of Health publishes collection of information on fat binding and lipid lowering effect of chitosan

    The report is the collection of information on chitosan; a natural biodegradable copolymer; which is extensively researched the improvement of drug delivery like topical, ocular, implantation and injection (micro and Nanoparticles). However there are many other areas where chitosan is widely used like industrial work, nutrient supply and health care. The present review is focused on its fat binding and […]