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  • Marine Drugs, Volume 11, Issue 3 (March 2013), Pages Pages 581-974 Now Available

    MDPI has announced the  publication of the following issue: Mar. Drugs, Volume 11, Issue 3 (March 2013), Pages Pages 581-974   Table of Contents: Ophelia Han Editorial: Marine Drugs Best Paper Award 2013 Mar. Drugs 2013, 11(3), 581-583; doi:10.3390/md11030581 Marco Pelin, Sabrina Boscolo, Mark Poli, Silvio Sosa, Aurelia Tubaro and Chiara Florio Article: Characterization of Palytoxin Binding to HaCaT Cells […]
  • Biotec Pharmacon subsidiary awarded NOK 5 million research grant

    ArcticZymes AS, a subsidiary company of Biotec Pharmacon ASA, has received a grant of NOK 5 million from the The Research Council of Norway, for a project titled “Functionalization of enzymes from marine bioprospecting”. The total project budget is NOK approx. 10 million over 3 years. The project is a user driven innovation project which aims to accelerate the commercialization […]
  • Marine Biotechnology in the European Research: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe

    The final conference of the CSA MARINEBIOTECH project will bring together scientists, industry representatives, policy makers/advisors and other key stakeholders involved or interested in Marine Biotechnology research in Europe, to -          Provide insight in some of the most important recent and ongoing Marine Biotechnology research, coordination and policy projects and initiatives, including the CSA MARINEBIOTECH project, and look forward towards a future MARINEBIOTECH […]

    10th International Marine Biotechnology Conference Genome to phenome: understanding to sustainable use Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 11-15 November 2013. The International Marine Biotechnology Conference is the premier meeting in marine biotechnology and micro-biotechnologies. Dating back to 1989, previous IMBCs have been held in Japan (twice), The United States of America, Norway, Italy, Australia, Canada, Israel, China and Australia. […]
  • Marine bioprospecting – a role for bioresource centers in the 21st century

    Marine bioprospecting – a role for bioresource centers in the 21st century. A presentation by Dr Willie Wilson (Director of National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, USA) presentation at the Oceans of Potential conference, Tuesday 11th September, Plymouth, UK More info
  • BIOPROSP_13 Tromsø, Norway Feb 2013: Opportunity for short oral presentations

    The conference program is complete however we like to invite delegates to present posters combined with short (5’) oral presentations. Register to conference and send in your abstract within the 13th December 2012. For more info check: Presentation slots are available on all days during the conference. Your poster and presentation should be relevant for one of the four sessions: Industrial applicability […]
  • Marine biotechnology promises huge benefits, but at what risk to our seas?

    Scientists have pinpointed a new treasure trove in our oceans: micro-organisms that contain millions of previously unknown genes and thousands of new families of proteins. These tiny marine wonders offer a chance to exploit a vast pool of material that could be used to create innovative medicines, industrial solvents, chemical treatments and other processes, scientists say. Researchers have already created new enzymes […]
  • Marine Natural Product Drug Discovery Symposium: Nov. 6, 2012

    The 2012 Symposium on Marine Natural Product Drug Discovery will bring together academics and industry representatives from across Europe to discuss groundbreaking research  into the development of novel drug candidates from marine natural resources, with particular emphasis on the fields of cancer and on neurodegenerative diseases. The symposium, which is held in the context of the biannual Pharmatlantic consortium meeting, will […]
  • Economic outlook in North Carolina focuses on marine biotech

    The sea is offering the Wilmington area another path to prosperity as research and the business of marine biotechnology prepare to grow here. It’s “an industry that’s waiting to happen,” said Randall Johnson, director of the N.C. Biotechnology Center’s southeastern office. And a new umbrella organization – the Marine Biotechnologies Center of Innovation – hopes to serve as a catalyst for […]
  • PharmaMar and Costa Rica to search ocean in search of cancer cures

    Experts from Costa Rica and the Spanish company PharmaMar, dedicated to marine biotechnology research, beginning in February will seek new cures and treatments for cancer in organisms living in Costa Rican waters. The Spanish company will work for five years in the territorial waters of Costa Rica thanks to an agreement with the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio), promoted by […]