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  • Deep Sea Treatment for Superbug Holds Promise, Yet Still Poses Challenges.

    A group of United Kingdom scientists recently discovered a bacterium found in Japanese seabeds with the ability to kill MRSA. The new species produces a unique antibiotic that has the potential for treating humans. William Fenical, a pioneer of marine microbiology at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, supports that scientists need to look elsewhere to discover new antibiotics with new […]
  • New Marine-based Enzyme Launched to Rejuvenate Skin

    The Norwegian marine biotechnology company, Aqua Bio Technology AS (ABT), has recently introduced an all-natural, marine-based enzyme to the global cosmetics and cosmeceutical ingredient market. Discovered in the Norwegian waters by coincidence, the now patented enzyme, ZONASE, is now creating buzz in the global skin care market. Research revealed that the same enzyme that degrades a fish egg shell during […]