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  • Sapphire Energy And Phillips 66 To Advance Commercialization Of Algae Crude Oil

    Sapphire Energy, Inc., one of the world leaders in algae-based Green Crude oil production, and Phillips 66, an integrated energy manufacturing and logistics company, announced a strategic joint development agreement aimed at taking production of algae crude oil a significant step toward commercialization. The companies will work together to collect and analyze data from co-processing of algae and conventional crude […]
  • Seaweed filled Biopen allows doctors to “draw” new bone tissue during surgery

    Australian scientists have developed a pen that enables them to create new bone tissues.  When bones are broken in accidents or following amputations, the tissue inside them is also damaged, making it difficult to build new, fully functioning implants. To solve this problem, a team of Australian researchers have created a handheld 3D printer called the BioPen which not only adds layers […]
  • Brown algae being engineered for food and bio-ethanol

    European Biotechnology News reports that researchers, together with Norwegian and Chilean bioethanol producers, have developed advanced techniques to produce food and bio-ethanol from brown algae, which does not require arable land, fresh water or fertilizers. Until now, cultivation of that feedstock was not sustainable, because yeasts weren’t able to transform the brown algae’s alginate and mannitol to bio-ethanol. More info
  • Marine biotech is ‘land of opportunity’ for cosmetics

    Marine biotechnology offers a ‘land of opportunities’ for personal care and cosmetics products producers, particularly in North America and Europe, according to a recent report by market research firm Technavio. More info
  • Researchers receive £700,000 to examine using algae as fuel

    Westcountry scientists have been awarded £700,000 to investigate the potential for using tiny algae grown on waste water as a source of biofuel. Sir Mark Walport, the Government’s chief scientific adviser, announced £4 million of UK funding for sustainable fuel development during a visit to India. The funding, with matched resources from India, has been awarded to four research projects that bring […]
  • Wageningen UR and Arke partner for algal jet fuel

    Arke airlines and Netherlands-based Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) have joined forces to work on developing sustainable jet fuel derived from algae. For the next six months, Wageningen UR will be conducting research into the techno-economic feasibility of algae-based biofuels for aircraft. This research has been commissioned by Arke and is co-funded by the Centre for Biobased Economy (CBBE). […]
  • Researching the anti-cancer properties of chlorella

    Dr. Victor Marchione writes in about recent research into the anti-cancer effects of chlorella vulgaris extract (CVE). The studies relate to apoptosis, a process of cell self-destruction that happens naturally in the body from time to time to make room for new, young healthy cells, and why this does not happen in cancer cells. More info
  • Research to see if seaweed can inspire wet-resistant glue

    A University of Canterbury (UC) postgraduate researcher is investigating New Zealand seaweed to see if it can inspire commercial wet-resistant glue. Biological sciences student Anton Mather is working under the supervision of Dr Simone Dimartino and Professor Juliet Gerrard on investigating seaweed bio-adhesives that could benefit New Zealand’s Naval and undersea construction industries. As well as offering the adhesive to […]
  • Lammers to head up $5 million algae consortium

    The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a $5 million grant to improve algae-based fuel that is compatible with existing refineries to a multi-institutional team led by New Mexico State University. Peter Lammers, director of the NMSU Algal Bioenergy team, will be the principal investigator of the project, entitled “Realization of Algae Potential” (REAP). Lammers will coordinate efforts at partner […]
  • Solarvest Announces Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Funding Approvals

    Solarvest announces that it has been successful at receiving approval for two NSERC projects. Solarvest has applied for and received approval for the two projects outlined below. The first NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program (IPS) project “Expression of recombinant proteins in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (algae) using a unique fusion system” is in partnership with Dr. Illimar Altosaar’s laboratory at the University of Ottawa. C. […]