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  • Water treatment startup Algal Scientific now mining beta glucan

    Ben Freed reports in the Ann Arbor Business Review that Algal Scientific – a startup which emerged from Michigan State University in 2008 to use algae for reducing the costs of water treatment – has now developed a parallel process to use the algal biomass to make beta-1,3 glucan, a compound of high value in animal and human nutrition. More info
  • Sea of miracles: industrial uses for ocean biodiversity

    The seafloor is our planet’s most biodiverse realm. It is in the sea that life on earth began over 3.5 billion years ago. It is in the sea where 34 of the 36 known phyla of animals remain to this day, 15 of which are exclusive to the world’s oceans. And it is in the sea where myriad opportunities await. The commercial […]
  • Growing revenues for marine ingredient company Aqua Bio Technology

    Aqua Bio Technology ASA (Oslo Axess: ABT) recently announced its first quarter 2013 financial results. The Company continued its revenue build-up and posted an EBITDA of 3.9 million. ABT’s revenues were NOK 7.2 million in the first quarter, against NOK 3.4 million in the previous quarter. In the first quarter of 2012 the Company had revenues of NOK 11.9 million, […]
  • New partnership formed for algae biodiesel aim

    LCTI Low Carbon Technologies International, which focuses on clean-tech, environmental and energy efficiency sectors has signed a joint venture with US-based Sunthenoil. The two want to develop a 1,000 acre algae-to-oil project located on a LCTI site using a technology sub-licensed through Sunthenoil from SunEco Energy of California. More info
  • Neste Oil signs algae oil off-take deal with Cellana

    Finland-based Neste Oil, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel, has signed a contingent commercial off-take agreement with Cellana, an algae biomass developer based in San Diego, with production facilities in Hawaii. The agreement will enable Neste Oil to purchase Cellana’s algae oil for use as a feedstock in the future for producing renewable fuel. The agreement is contingent on Cellana’s […]
  • Exxon Refocusing Algae Biofuels Program After $100 Million Spend

    Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM), which has invested more than $100 million to develop algae-derived biofuels, is refocusing its research with Synthetic Genomics Inc. after almost four years of work failed to produce economically viable results. More info
  • Canada to Fund Algae-to-Biodiesel Project

    A joint project between the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and industry partners could result in technology to grow algae to be made into several items, including biodiesel, in the heart of the Canadian petroleum industry: oil sands facilities. The Algal Carbon Conversion Pilot Project, a partnership among the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural) […]
  • Drug-finder method coaxes more oil from algae

    Chemists have found several compounds that can boost oil production by green microscopic algae, a potential source of biodiesel and other “green” fuels. Microalgae are single-celled organisms that, like green plants, use photosynthesis to capture carbon dioxide and turn it into complex compounds, including oils and lipids. Marine algae species can be raised in saltwater ponds, which means they don’t compete […]
  • BioProcess Algae Awarded $6.4 Million U.S. Department of Energy Grant to Develop Advanced Drop-in Biofuels for Military Jets and Ships

    BioProcess Algae LLC has been selected to receive a grant of up to $6.4 million from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), as part of an innovative pilot-scale biorefinery project related to production of hydrocarbon fuels meeting military specification. The project will use renewable carbon dioxide, lignocellulosic sugars and waste heat through BioProcess Algae’s Grower Harvester(TM) technology platform, co-located with […]
  • Grow Energy developing algae-based construction components

    Developing a new generation of energy-producing construction components, Grow Energy, of San Diego, California, plans for algae to create clean electricity for residential and commercial structures. Their first system, called Verde, is a technology specifically designed for individual homes. According to the company, Verde employs a clean combustion process to burn algal biomass to create electricity and heat energy, which […]