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  • Ocean protein boosts memory, focus & concentration

    Can a simple sea protein hold the key to preserving your memory? Scientists in Madison Wisconsin are saying yes! In a breakthrough that could affect the lives of millions of Americans over 40, researchers have discovered a protein from the depths of the ocean that could actually protect our brain cells as we age. Robert Pastore, PhD, member of the […]
  • Company believes it has a natural cure for dandruff from marine microbes

    Scottish marine biotechnology company Aquapharm believes it has found a natural cure for dandruff in microbes in the sea off Scotland’s coast and is poised to strike a major deal with a European company that could add around £1m a year to the fledgling firm’s revenues. Aquapharm, which is based at Dunstaffnage, near Oban, is developing a library of potential […]
  • Cod muscles extract shown to decrease mortality in the mouse model, .

    Treatment of cancer patients with anthracycline antibiotic doxorubicin (DOX) may be complicated by development of acute and chronic congestive heart failure (CHF), malignant arrhythmias and death. The aim of this study was to test whether an aqueous low molecular weight (LMW) extract from cod muscle decreases acute mortality in the mouse model of acute CHF caused by DOX. This effect […]
  • Herring milt to fight Malnutrition

    Food products containing herring milt may in the future contribute to fighting malnutrition. Up until the 1960s, English coalminers consumed products based on herring milt to stay healthy. Such products were also sold in Norway. However, this raw material from herring is not exploited today. Scientists and industry want to attempt to change this. A new project, which is being […]
  • Aquapharm and Dr. Reddy’s Sign Commercial License Agreements

    Scottish marine biotechnology company Aquapharm Biodiscovery Limited signed a new commercial license agreement and an extended an existing research and development license agreement with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited. The commercial license covers selected strains from the Aquapharm library of novel marine microorganisms. These strains will be used to generate commercial biocatalysts for specific applications in the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates […]
  • Fish Protein Hydrolysates Beat Alternatives for Foods

    Using the commercial protease Alcalase, researchers from the Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo produced hydrolysates from fish muscle that could substitute functional compounds such as bovine serum albumin and sodium caseinate. The Mexican researchers used Alcalase to produce hydrolysates from Pacific whiting muscle with degrees of hydrolysis of 10, 15, and 20 per cent. The functionality of the […]
  • U.S. Seafood Processors Missing Out on Opportunity for Additional Value and Revenue With Byproducts

    Strategro International, a market entry and business growth consultancy, spoke to a packed room of seafood processors at the International Boston Seafood Show recently offering examples of how companies and researchers worldwide are developing valuable products from seafood processing waste streams. For the unenlightened seafood company, seafood byproducts can pose a headache and a significant cost item for disposal, storage, […]
  • Oceangrown Launches Marine Bioactives

    New company Oceangrown International is counting on the science and appeal for marine-derived nutraceutical ingredients as it sets out to launch new products for the cosmeceutical, nutrition and weight management markets. The Utah-based company says it is focussing on marine-based product lines following strong growth in the marine nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals market. Beginning with skincare, Oceangrown’s initial product, Oave, is […]