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  • Marine biotech is ‘land of opportunity’ for cosmetics

    Marine biotechnology offers a ‘land of opportunities’ for personal care and cosmetics products producers, particularly in North America and Europe, according to a recent report by market research firm Technavio. More info
  • Marine Food Projects Win €4.5m FIRM Research Funding

    Eight marine foods and marine biotechnology related projects will receive €4.5m from the Food Institutional Research Measure (FIRM) 2013. Dr Peter Heffernan, CEO, Marine Institute welcomed the announcement by Simon Coveney, T.D., Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine of the successful projects to be funded by the Food Institutional Research Measure (FIRM). The funding will generate knowledge that will be […]
  • Marine algae can help acne sufferers

    Scientists from the University of Stirling have discovered an unlikely treatment for acne – marine algae. Research by marine scientists at the University’s internationally renowned Institute of Aquaculture revealed the cleansing qualities of certain fatty acids including some produced by algae. They found these fatty acids prevent the growth of Propionibacterium acnes, a bacterium which causes the common skin condition. […]
  • Funding to aid Newfoundland processor explore potential of extracting oil from shrimp shells

    The provincial government has given Quinlan Brothers Limited $100,000 to determine if it is economically viable to extract Omega 3-enriched oil from shrimp waste. A news release states the funding will support market research, plant modifications, sample production and an assessment of what is required to meet the food and drug regulations of international markets. More info
  • Wageningen UR and Arke partner for algal jet fuel

    Arke airlines and Netherlands-based Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) have joined forces to work on developing sustainable jet fuel derived from algae. For the next six months, Wageningen UR will be conducting research into the techno-economic feasibility of algae-based biofuels for aircraft. This research has been commissioned by Arke and is co-funded by the Centre for Biobased Economy (CBBE). […]
  • Researching the anti-cancer properties of chlorella

    Dr. Victor Marchione writes in about recent research into the anti-cancer effects of chlorella vulgaris extract (CVE). The studies relate to apoptosis, a process of cell self-destruction that happens naturally in the body from time to time to make room for new, young healthy cells, and why this does not happen in cancer cells. More info
  • Research to see if seaweed can inspire wet-resistant glue

    A University of Canterbury (UC) postgraduate researcher is investigating New Zealand seaweed to see if it can inspire commercial wet-resistant glue. Biological sciences student Anton Mather is working under the supervision of Dr Simone Dimartino and Professor Juliet Gerrard on investigating seaweed bio-adhesives that could benefit New Zealand’s Naval and undersea construction industries. As well as offering the adhesive to […]
  • Chitin-derived microneedle patch could replace standard tuberculosis skin test

    Each year, millions of people in the United States get a tuberculosis skin test to see if they have the infection that still affects one third of the world’s population. But the standard diagnostic test is difficult to give, because a hypodermic needle must be inserted at a precise angle and depth in the arm to successfully check for tuberculosis. […]
  • Shrimp shells offer jumbo benefits

    Norwegian food research institute Nofima is participating in a major EU-financed project in which ‘active’ packaging based on raw materials from shrimp shell improves and conserves food products and after use the packaging biodegrades. In the n-CHITOPACK project researchers are looking at biodegradable packaging made of chitin and chitosan from shrimp shells that will improve and conserve food products. Products […]
  • Cyvex introduces fish protein ingredient

    Cyvex Nutrition has added a new ingredient to its expanding portfolio – Protomine™ – a new line of lean, sustainably sourced, fat free fish protein powders made from a whole food source. Protomine delivers a hydrolyzed marine protein at greater than 80 percent concentration in its natural unflavored form and contains naturally occurring trace elements in bioavailable organic forms – […]