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  • Rosetta Green and Seambiotic Will Collaborate in the Development of Improved Algal Strains for the Biofuel Industry

    Rosetta Green, a company specializing in the identification of unique genes in plants and algae for the cleantech and plant biotech industries and Seambiotic, a company specializing in the growth of algae at industrial scale, announced yesterday that they have signed a collaboration agreement to develop and test improved algal strains for the biofuel industry. According to the agreement, Rosetta […]
  • TNO to Partner on Algae Food Ingredient Extraction Project

    TNO and industrial algae producer Ingrepro Renewables B.V. are starting a joint research project to extract food ingredients from algae. These food ingredients are mainly proteins that could be used as a sustainable alternative to meat, and healthy vegetable oils. Additionally, the partners will examine if and how carbohydrates from algae can be used. Currently, most of the initiatives for […]
  • Solazyme Delivers 100% Algal-Derived Renewable Jet Fuel to U.S. Navy

    Solazyme, Inc. is helping the U.S. military move closer to powering its planes, ships, tanks and trucks on renewable fuel and has delivered of 1,500 gallons of 100% algae-based jet fuel for the U.S. Navy’s testing and certification program. The U.S. Navy has previously announced the objective to operate at least 50% of its fleet on clean, renewable fuel by […]
  • Algal Biomass Summit Releases Meeting Agenda

    The 2010 Algae Biomass Summit recently released the event’s newly-expanded agenda featuring more than 70 speakers and seven new sessions. The 4th annual event will be held September 28-30 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix, Arizona. More info
  • Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) Adds New Omega-3 Microencapsulation Technology to Portfolio

    Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) has added a new microencapsulation technology to its offerings buy purchasing a five-year license to the fish oil business and encapsulation technology of Austrian tech firm, GAT Food Essentials. The undisclosed deal will see the Canadian fish oil leader take exclusive rights to GAT’s wowCAPS technology that has proved particularly suitable to dairy formulations, although ONC’s […]
  • Chitin in anti-aging formulations

    Technical paper by author Yash Kamath: Skin aging leads to decline in its functions such as increase in trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), decrease in the production of collagen,elastin and the extracellular matrix (ECM). The overall effect is the thinning of the skin, dryness, and wrinkling. The ECM acts as a material transport medium for the cellular entities like the keratinocytes in the epidermis […]
  • Euromares 2010, held recently in Spain — results in advancement of marine and maritime policies of the EU

    The latest advances and emerging ideas in the field of marine research, maritime innovation and the evaluation of the marine medium were at the forefront of the debates in the conference Euromares 2010, held from 18 to 19 May in Guijon, Spain. Some 200 scientists, managers, politicians, authorities related to research and planning of the marine medium, NGO, the maritime […]
  • Researchers in India Claim To Heal Wounds Within Seconds Using Chitin

    Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur (IIT-K) campus from the Department of Biological Sciences and Bio-Engineering claim to have developed a polymer that can stop bleeding in five seconds when applied to a wound. Ashok Kumar Kaul, Assistant Professor in the Bio-Sciences and Bio-Engineering Department has told that such a polymer that promotes haemostasis, which is the process […]
  • Algae as a source for electricity

    In an electrifying first, Stanford scientists have plugged into algae cells and harnessed a tiny electrical current. They found it at the very source of energy production – photosynthesis, a plant’s method of converting sunlight to chemical energy. It may be a first step toward generating high-efficiency bioelectricity that doesn’t give off carbon dioxide as a byproduct, the researchers say. […]
  • Norwegian natural marine ingredient set to revolutionize anti-aging market

    The new marine ingredient offers multiple applications including gentle exfoliation and moisturizing, shown to accelerate new skin cell growth. Aqua Bio Technology AS (ABT), a Norwegian marine biotechnology company developing innovative active ingredients for the global personal care industry, today announced the global launch of ZONASE X™, a natural anti-aging ingredient composed of marine peptides and unique, non-toxic marine enzymes. […]